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The University of Virginia McIntire Blackboard is an online learning management system that helps professors and students manage their courses. It provides a virtual space for professors to post syllabi, course materials, and announcements. It also allows students to access readings, submit assignments, and participate in class discussions.

UVA Blackboard

UVA Backboard Login

The University of Virginia desired a user-friendly online learning management system with a clean design. The McIntire Blackboard was designed to be eye-catching and modern, yet legible and familiar.

In designing the logo, we carried over all elements from previous iterations while harmonizing it with the Blackboard brand, as well as giving it relevancy within the UVA Blackboard campus context. Using a sans serif font with tight tracking makes the logo both clean, modern, and legible in small sizes. Bolding the text adds emphasis where appropriate while using just two colors helps maintain legibility when printing on colored backgrounds in lower resolution.

Lastly, circles are used throughout Blackboard’s branding materials, including their logo, which makes the incorporation of two circles in the McIntire UVA Blackboard logo both symbolic and intentional.

The main change from previous iterations is removing “Virtual Learning Community” from the name, as it doesn’t directly pertain to UVA’s campus context. The bolding of “University of Virginia” was done to make it a more prominent feature within the design.

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Mcintire Uva Blackboard Login

While this iteration does not make use of any University-specific imagery or typography, committing to a strong visual language is key in maintaining coherence across many different universities that might adopt Blackboard’s branding system. By looking at other examples on campus where circular logos are utilized, we chose an appropriate color palette for clean printing on various backgrounds while adhering to the Portal.

The University of Virginia McIntire UVA Blackboard can be accessed at blackboard.comm.virginia.edu. In order to UVA Blackboard login, you will need to provide your username and password.

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To login, enter your username and password into the UVA Blackboard login fields and click the Login button. If your credentials are correct, you will be redirected to your Blackboard home page.

University of Virginia Blackboard

McIntire UVA Backboard

The University of Virginia Blackboard was built by the e-Learning Guild in 1998 and is now used at over 1,000 institutions worldwide. Originally called “Blackboard,” it became widely known as “McIntire” when UVA McIntire department faculty requested that this alternate name be introduced so more people would know it belonged to an academic unit on Grounds.

The online learning management system officially became the University of Virginia’s Blackboard after negotiations between Blackboard Inc., headquartered in Washington, D.C., and the University of Virginia Board of Visitors resulted in a four-year licensing agreement completed in December 2008. It then became known as “UVA Blackboard.”

The main functions of UVA’s McIntire/Blackboard include:

  • Online Registration and Course Management,
  • Assignments and Grading,
  • Online Tests and Quizzes,
  • Discussion Forums,
  • Content Distribution (syllabus, course materials)

FAQ UVA Backboard

What is Blackboard Collaborate UVA

If you are looking for the University of Virginia McIntire Blackboard’s Collaborate page, you can find it at blackboard.comm.virginia.edu/collaborate. In order to UVA Blackboard login, you will need to provide your username and password.

To login, enter your username and password into the UVA Blackboard login fields and click the Login button. If your credentials are correct, you will be redirected to the UVA McIntire Blackboard Collaborate home page.

What is UVA Collab?

UVA Collab is a digital content management system that provides a space for the University of Virginia community to share and collaborate on digital content. This is accomplished through browser-based software that gives the ability to upload, edit and share content in a central area.

UVA Collab provides users with:

A central location for all digital content to be stored and accessed by the University community; the option to map out files to organize your storage space; and an online editing tool for any file type.


UVA’s SIS is an online system that students use to manage their academic information. It includes their course schedule, grades, and other important information.

The Learning Center, a student tutoring and writing resource center on the Ground Floor of Newcomb Hall, is a great place to meet with a Writing Instructor or Writing Fellow.

Most students’ academic information is accessible through SIS. Students can also email their Instructors from SIS’s “mail” tab.

The primary mode of communication between an instructor and their class will be by using MySite within UVA Blackboard. In general, it is good practice to copy each of your students via email on any information that you send them through MySite blackboard.comm.virginia.edu.

What is UVA Canvas?

Canvas is the learning management system used at the University of Virginia. It provides a space for instructors to post course materials, assignments, and announcements, and for students to submit assignments, participate in discussion boards, and take quizzes and tests.

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