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UTMB Blackboard is an online learning management system used by the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) to manage and deliver course content. It offers a variety of features, including the ability to create and share course materials, submit assignments, and participate in online discussions.

UTMB Blackboard

UTMB Health Blackboard

  • UTMB Blackboard offers a variety of benefits, including the ability to:
  • Create and share course materials
  • Submit assignments
  • Participate in online discussions

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Using UTMB Blackboard, instructors have the ability to:

  • Easily create and edit courses
  • Organize course content into a logical format that is easy for students to navigate
  • Personalize their courses with images, videos, and other features relevant to course materials
  • Provide feedback on submissions from students quickly and easily
  • Create discussion boards for student engagement and interaction
  • Collect assignments electronically via learning management systems (LMS) tools such as quiz questions or surveys
  • Assign quizzes automatically over assigned reading material.
  • Give tests on Blackboard during the semester, or make them optional.

UTMB Blackboard Login

Please follow these steps in order to login to UTMB Blackboard:

1. Go to the UTMB website and click on the “Blackboard” link.

2. Enter your UTMB username and password and click on the “Login” button.

3. Once you have logged in, you will be able to access all of the Blackboard features.

4. The Blackboard homepage will appear. From here, you can access your course websites and any other information you need.

5. Feel free to contact the IT Helpdesk at (713) 792-1430 if you have any questions about accessing Blackboard.

About University of Texas Medical Branch

UTMB Blackboard Login

UTMB Blackboard has an intuitive interface that makes it easy for students to navigate. Students can easily access course materials and assignments, submit work, participate in online discussions with instructors and classmates, and communicate privately with fellow students via email or instant messaging.

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The University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) is a public health sciences university located in Galveston, Texas. UTMB was founded in 1891 and is the oldest medical school in Texas. The main campus is located on a site in Galveston, with four branch campuses located in the greater Houston metropolitan area. The institution comprises schools of medicine, nursing, allied health professions, and a graduate school offering programs leading to degrees in biomedical sciences and pharmacology.

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UTMB operates a large teaching hospital, John Sealy Hospital at Galveston, which contains extensive medical research laboratories. UTMB also maintains close academic ties with many other institutions in Texas Medical Center including M.D. Anderson Cancer Center and Baylor College of Medicine.

In 2008 it was announced that UTMB would be leaving the island to expand the Memorial Hermann Healthcare System-Texas Medical Center Campus which has been suffering from growing pains brought on by sheer size and demand for expansion of medical services. UTMB will be located in a building adjacent to the new TMC3 research building and is slated for completion by 2012.

UTMB Blackboard Sign in Guide

To sign in to UTMB Blackboard, you will need your UTMB NetID and password.

1. Navigate to the UTMB Blackboard login page: blackboard.utmb.edu.

2. Enter your UTMB NetID and password in the corresponding fields and click “Log In”.

3. You will be redirected to your Blackboard home page.

4. If you know your UTMB NetID but do not remember your password, use Password Assistance on the login page to reset your password. Blackboard will send a temporary password by email to the address of your choice.

5. If you need assistance or have questions about Blackboard, please contact:

6. For more information about UTMB’s Learning and Technology Resources visit: www.utmb.edu.

UTMB graduates approximately 1,000 students every year including more than 400 medical students who complete their 4 years on the Galveston campus but rotate through different departments at hospitals across Texas as part of their training. In addition to its notable medical school, there are five other academic divisions: Nursing & Health Professions; Population, Social & Translational Sciences; Biomedical Sciences; Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences; and Graduate School of Basic Medical Sciences.


Q: How do I access UTMB Blackboard?

A: You can access UTMB Blackboard by going to the following website: https://blackboard.utmb.edu/. You will need to enter your UTMB username and password in order to login.

Q: What courses are available on UTMB Blackboard?

A: Nearly all courses at UTMB are available on UTMB Blackboard. However, some courses may not be available due to professor preference or technical issues. If you are unable to find a course that you are looking for, please check with your instructor or course administrator.

Q: How do I submit my assignments on UTMB Blackboard?

A: You can submit your assignments from within the Blackboard site. They will automatically be sent to your course instructor for evaluation.

Q: What is UTMB Health?

A: UTMB Health is the University of Texas Medical Branch’s community of professionals, students, patients, and families who are dedicated to improving lives through education, research, patient care, and service.

Q: How do I contact my instructor if I have questions about submitting an assignment?

A: If you have questions, please check with your course instructor or visit the UTMB Blackboard Help Center. Also, before submitting any assignments, carefully review the instructions given to you by your instructor for specific formatting and submission guidelines.

Q: How can I access grades on UTMB Blackboard?

A: Grades are available on UTMB Blackboard through two methods. First, there is a “Grades” link that will take you to a page where you will see all of your graded items listed in chronological order. You can then sort these items by date or grade category (the default sorting is alphabetical).

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