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UMass Boston is a university located in Boston, Massachusetts. It offers undergraduate and graduates degrees to students, as well as certificate and professional programs. It was founded in 1964.

Umass Boston Blackboard

Umass Boston Blackboard Login

Blackboard by UMass Boston is a web-based course management system designed to support the electronic distribution, collaborative authoring, and interactive review of course materials. Blackboard’s primary purpose is to enable instructors to communicate with their students online. Students can also communicate electronically among themselves (and faculty) via discussion boards, wikis, chat rooms, etc. Check ATU Blackboard Guide.

The type of information commonly submitted through Blackboard includes lecture notes; quizzes; syllabi; assignment due dates; links to streaming media files (e.g., audio or video); announcements; reference materials; feedback on assignments (e.g., tutor comments); discussion board postings related to course topics; grades and other administrative messages (e.g., time/room changes).

About Umass Boston University

The University of Massachusetts Boston blackboard offers several online courses through Blackboard Learn, including Programming, Online GI Bill Test Preparation, and Digital Literacy for Educators. Guide about MSSU Blackboard

UMass Boston is home to six colleges with more than 30 undergraduate majors and 25 graduate programs. The school has an extensive summer session program that allows visiting students from other universities the ability to take courses that they may not be able or allowed to take during their regular school year. It takes most classes online through blackboard learn.

How Does Umass Boston Blackboard Login Works?

To login to Umass Boston blackboard, you can follow the following steps:

  1. Open a web browser and go to
  2. Enter your user name and password in the appropriate fields and click on ‘Login’.
  3. Your BB session is now open and displayed under the ‘My Bb’ tab (on top). From there you will be able to access all your courses and activities within those courses as well as submit new grades for instructors to review and approve (if applicable). If you wish to switch between different courses, simply click on the abbreviations listed underneath the ‘My Bb’ tab.

UB login can also be done from UMass blackboard directly at

How to create a course in UMB Blackboard?

University of Massachusetts Boston blackboard

1. Go to the Blackboard login page at UMB Blackboard.

2. Login with your username and password provided by the college, you will be redirected to the UMass Boston Blackboard login screen if successful

3. Click on “create a course” in the left menu bar under “courses”

4. Enter a course name in the box provided

5. Add an email for notification of new messages

6. Select “next”, then follow any additional prompts, filling out information about your course

7. Once everything is filled in click on next again, then click save when prompted

8) You are done! the class should be viewable directly after creating as well as in the UMass Boston blackboard site under courses!

Umass Boston Blackboard Benefits

  • You can create a course outline where you can enter the required reading, additional resources, homework, and tests to grade
  • You can upload content such as lectures, syllabuses and even share your screen with students
  • You have access to a discussion board for students to discuss their classwork or questions about any topics discussed

In terms of grading, there are multiple ways that certain assignments/tests/etc. could be graded depending on your preference: auto-graders (selecting criteria leads to answer choices which you select from), peer grading (which allows students to receive grades for work completed by their peers), self-grading (students submit work for grading), or grading by yourself

There are also additional features such as a grade book, calendars of assignments and due dates, announcements, polls, and surveys.

How to add students to a course in UMass Boston Blackboard?

When you add a student to the course, while they are not in the class yet:

1. Select “Course Management” from the menu on the left-hand side of your UMB Blackboard page

2. Click on “Invite Students” under the section for Courses You Teach.

3. A box will come up, which says “Add students and groups to your courses.” Underneath it says, “Have each student do this,” click on either their name or email address next to their names when you see them listed in the drop-down menus below.

4. Enter all students’ emails into separate fields underneath where it says “Type an Email Address.” Make sure that if you have more than one person with the University of Massachusetts Boston blackboard.

FAQ about UMB Blackboard:

How do I access UMB Blackboard?

To access UMB Blackboard, go to and University of Massachusetts Boston blackboard login with your username and password.

How do I find my courses on UMB Blackboard?

To find your courses on UMB Blackboard, click on the “Courses” tab and then select “All Courses.” This will show you a list of all of the courses that you are enrolled in. To view the course content, click on the course name.

Can I print course materials from UMB Blackboard?

Yes, many course materials can be printed from UMB Blackboard. You can print, email, or export your course materials by clicking on the three dots next to the individual file you wish to view/print/email.

What are Course Sections?

Course sections are subsets of courses that students in a particular major may take in order to satisfy their major requirements. For example, if you are in elementary education and would like to teach Spanish, then you will need to take electives outside of your English and science degree requirements in order to meet this requirement for your major. This University of Massachusetts Boston blackboard electives come through taking different course sections offered by UMB Blackboard which fulfill these non-major specific degree requirements. To schedule, an appointment with an advisor regarding the course section sign up go here

How do I know if a course section that I want to take has an available seat?

You can visit the UMB Class Schedule website here: to check for open sections before officially enrolling in courses or before planning your schedule for the next semester.

Can I find my grades on UMB Blackboard?

Yes, you can find your grades on UMB Blackboard by clicking on the “grades” tab then “midterm report” or by clicking on the individual course that you are enrolled in and clicking on the grades tab. This will show you your individual grade for each assignment and exam that has been entered into the course thus far.

Can I drop courses using UMB Blackboard?

Yes, you can drop courses using UMB Blackboard by clicking on “my education,” then “student information,” and then “add/drop classes.” You can add a course to your schedule by clicking on the section that shows an available seat.

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