UGA ELC – How to Login Elc University of Georgia Guide?

The online learning management system at the Georgia’s University of Georgia is called UGAGA ELC, which stands for University of Georgia eLearning Commons. It’s known as the ELC UGA D2L (the firm that produces eLC) and Brightspace (what D2L refers to as its product). You could think of eLC as a big archive where you may save and keep track of data relevant to your course.



UGA ELC (pronounced “eel-see”) is an online course management system for instructors to use to post documents, provide feedback on student work, and communicate with their classes. Instructors can also access the system to keep track of students’ progress.

An instructor can log in at any time (even while students are working) and enter grades, leave comments, upload new content, etc. UGA ELC will generate automatic emails sent to students when these things are done by the instructor. Students should check their Grades tab often so that they know where they stand!

Anyone who has a valid UGA MyID login and password has access to eLC and participate in specific courses on a smartphone or computer. Also Verify, UNT Canvas

How does UGA ELC Login Work?

To log into elc at UGA D2L),

  1. Look out the
  2. Click on ” UGA MyID Login
  3. On the page to log in Enter your username
  4. Next, enter your password.
  5. After that, press the button to log in to your account.

Log in using Your UGA MyID as well as your password. Be aware that the URL has changed from This URL indicates how eLC represents the ELC UGA MyID version that is part of the Virtual Instruction Enterprise-Wide project within the University System of Georgia. Take a Quick Look at UTK Canvas

Its My Home page is organized to show the Mini Bar and Navigation Bar and Widgets which are common to every user at UGA MyID Login.

UGA Single Sign-On or UGA MyID Login is the single-sign-on authentication system utilized by many campus-based applications.

UGA ELC Sign in


UGA MYID Login provides improved authentication connections, enhanced security, and the capability to utilize two-factor authentication to access web-based applications.

eLC offers a protected FERPA online platform that allows UGA (Athena) classes to store classroom materials and activities within a shared virtual learning area. Brighspace Purdue Guide

For instance, you can make use of UGA eLC to share and keep documents, conduct quizzes or allow students to participate in online discussions offer audio, video and other materials and distribute course announcements, and so on the online learning management system.

It’s highly customizable and offers instructors with the possibility of personalizing the course’s content and learning experience of the University of Georgia.

Where can I find courses for Ug eLC

Courses in which you’re enrolling should appear on the Homepage of your uga eLC. The courses you are enrolled in can be “pinned” in your course listing, so that they will appear on the Homepage as well as in the Menu of Courses.

To see your complete list of recent and current courses to view your list of courses, click to open the Waffle Icon at the Menu on near the bottom of your screen. The courses you have pinned will be displayed first, followed by courses that have recently been added following.

If you don’t see your course, go down to “My Courses” and look for it there. The University of Georgia will then appear in the search bar.

About University of Georgia

The University of Georgia is a public research university in Athens, Georgia. Founded in 1785, it is the oldest and flagship state-supported institution of higher learning in the state of Georgia and a major research university.

Common notifications are when instructors announce announcements on the home page of the class as deadlines for assignments are nearing and when discussion topics have been posted to the Discussion Board.

For managing notifications, click your name on the upper right side of the ELC page, then select Notifications for the online learning management system.

Students who get the “Error: Not Authorized” message when trying login to their email account must first check if there is an exam in progress. The envelope will appear located at high-up on their screen.

If you get an email stating that you must take a quiz complete, make sure you return to the quiz and ensure that it was completed after the quiz was completed. Emails are not allowed to be sent via eLC D2l while taking the course of a test.

If the test is over and you are unable for access, notify your instructor. If you didn’t take an exam, inform EITS as well as the D2L help center using the contact information located at above. Students can be sent emails and/or texts as items are added into UGA eLC.

Who is eligible to attend the UGA ELC?

The ELC is for undergraduates (UGA students) in good academic standing.

How do I get into the UGA ELC? How much does it cost to attend?

Students must be admitted to the study abroad program, which includes applications and deadlines. The program takes place in Greece, so there are also additional requirements such as Greek language skills (the only requirements specific to this program). These details can be found at

There is an associated fee of $1250 per semester, plus tuition for any courses taken during your stay at ELI; however, most students meet this financial requirement through existing scholarships or financial aid packages. In addition, you must purchase trip insurance before leaving the United States, which is approximately $400 for the semester.

What is UGA D2L?

UGA D2L is the learning management system for University of Georgia students. It provides a variety of tools for students to access course content, submit assignments, and connect with classmates for D2L.

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