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The following URL is a detailed walkthrough of how to move from SDSU Blackboard Learn to The San Diego State University Blackboard portal, which allows students and instructors from the University of San Diego to access their SDSU Blackboard Learn account.

About SDSU Blackboard

San Diego State University Blackboard Login

A user must first log in to their SDSU Blackboard account using SDSU Blackboard Login to access their San Diego State University accounts. Many of our users are having difficulties accessing their SDSU BB accounts, and they search for SDSU Blackboard Help all over the internet.

Blackboard has been in use since the start of Fall 2015. Blackboard and Canvas are SDSU’s two learning management systems, which will be phased out after 2022. Starting in the summer of 2022, Canvas will be used as SDSU’s main learning management system. The Blackboard system maintains your course enrollments automatically.

If you are having the same difficulties with completing your work at the SDSU Blackboard Learn portal or having difficulty accessing your San Diego State University Blackboard account after following these steps, you’ve come to the correct place.

SDSU Blackboard Login

The SDSU Blackboard account is a unique and powerful tool that offers you the ability to access, submit, and track assignments in real-time using any device. You may access it at You’ll find everything you need to get started through this website: instructions on how to set up your account, how to use the different features of Blackboard Learn, and how to get help if you need it.

Your SDSU Blackboard account is for your personal use and should not be shared with anyone else.

-You are responsible for keeping your password confidential. If you believe someone has obtained access to your account, please change your password immediately by following these instructions.

-Never post your password on any document or website that can be accessed by others.

-Blackboard Learn is a tool, not a substitute for attending class. You are still responsible for completing all coursework.

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If you have any questions about using SDSU Blackboard Login Learn, please contact our support.

San Diego State University Blackboard (SDSU Blackboard) is an online learning management system (LMS) that provides instructors with a variety of tools to create and manage online courses. It also allows students to access course materials submit assignments, participate in threaded discussions, and more.

SDSU Blackboard Sign in

sdsu blackboard Login

SDSU Blackboard can be accessed at In order to set up an account, please follow these steps:

1) Click the “Forgot your Username?” link under Sign In.

2) Enter your Student ID # in the box that appears.

3) Click Continue.

4) Under Recipient Email, click Add New.

5) Select an email address for yourself and enter it into the text box provided

6) Click Continue.

7) You will receive an email at the selected address with a temporary password for SDSU Blackboard

8) Follow the instructions included in this email to change your password

9) Make note of your username (for example jdoe1).

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SDSU Blackboard canvas login

  • It is important to remember your SDSU Blackboard Login credentials in order to gain access to accounts on your San Diego University Blackboard accounts at
  • The SDSU Blackboard Learn username and Password are given to users by the institution itself. The Username is SDSUid by which you are able to login into your SDSU Blackboard account.
  • serves as, the San Diego State University login portal, through which users of the university can access their Blackboard accounts.
  • A single login is required to gain access to the entire functions that are available on the SDSU Blackboard.

SDSU Blackboard Canvas login

Visit SDSU Blackboard Login Portal at

Find the option to login with your SDSUID. Click on it.

Input your SDSU ID, followed by and click an option that is available in the next.

Enter the SDSU Blackboard password in the correct way.

Click on the option to log in and you’ll be logged into the right track with your SDSU BB account.

SDSU Help with Blackboards and Support, Contact Information

  • Help Desk Phone: (619) 594-3189
  • Help Desk Email:
  • Help Desk Location: L-200 (Second Floor Library)

SDSU Blackboard App

It is the San Diego State University Blackboard Mobile application that gives you access on the go to all the most important activities and areas on your SDSU Blackboard sites, for instance, your SDSU Blackboard module websites. Get this app to get the Blackboard App to the students and Teachers.

SDSU Blackboard Tips and Final Words

Users are advised to utilize Mozilla Firefox. Mozilla Firefox browser to gain access to the San Diego State University Blackboard portal at a reliable speed. Additionally, users are advised to log off and erase their history after each session with the SDSU blackboard session. Hope this post provided you with SDSU Blackboard Assistance as well as other necessary information.

If you are still having issues getting access to the SDSU Blackboard Learn account at by completing the SDSU login to Blackboard step, then let us know by leaving a comment below. We will assist you as quickly as we can. For more information details about San Diego State Uni Blackboard check out our official website today.

FAQ San Diego State University Blackboard

When I log in to SDSU Blackboard I can’t notice my classes. What do I do?

It takes up to 24 hours after the date you are officially enrolled to allow your Blackboard databases to get up-to-date. Another reason why you might not see all classes are due to the fact that not all professors and instructors utilize Blackboard.

It could be that you don’t see all of your classes when you log in to SDSU Blackboard. The best option in the event that you don’t find the class you want to attend is to inquire with your professor or instructor whether they are planning to use Blackboard to teach the class.

If they agree then ask them to make your course available to students as soon as they are prepared.

I can’t log into SDSU Blackboard in any way. What should I do?

Check that your fees are paid and your paperwork has been completed. If it’s your first time been to classes at SDSU Make sure you check out SDSU’s WebPortal to log in. SDSU WebPortal and reset your PIN.

You will need to make use of Your Red ID and SDSU WebPortal PIN to gain access to Blackboard (Note-This is not applicable to students who are taking non-credit classes via Extended University).

I changed the SDSU Blackboard Web portal PIN and I’m able to not connect to Blackboard. What should I do?

It can take between 12 and 24-hours for the new pin to be added to Blackboard. You can wait this time and then try again.

My name is an Open University or Extended Studies student. What should I do to gain access to SDSU Blackboard?

Extended Study and Open University Students (Credit Courses) Students who are studying Extended Studies must first register and pay the course fees through the College of Extended Studies. After registration and payment of fees, login to SDSU Blackboard WebPortal. SDSU Blackboard Portal and create/initialize your WebPortal account. After this, you will need to take 12-24 hours to sign in to SDSU Blackboard.

If you still have problems after completing this procedure, please contact the Registration Office at the College of Extended Studies at 619-594-5152 or Students in Extended Studies (Non-Credit Courses) Contact your instructor and inquire about SDSU Blackboard access.

I’m not receiving emails from my professor or instructor What should I do?

You can change or enter your email address using your SDSU WebPortal. The new email address will be transferred automatically to BB in up to 6 hours.

Students are required to create their email addresses on their accounts on the SDSU WebPortal. Faculty members must create their email addresses in the SDSU Blackboard.

My professor or instructor has not received my email What should I do?

Faculty may not have their email addresses within SDSU Blackboard. Examine if other students in your class are able to receive your email, and then inquire with your instructor or professor to confirm if they’ve set up their email address in Blackboard. If they don’t you can ask them to contact the SDSU Blackboard Faculty Helpline if they require assistance in setting up this.

What can I do to check my SDSU Blackboard marks?

There are two methods to check your grades on Blackboard. In a course’s menu go to”Student Tools and then click on the icon for Check Grade. If there is a green hyperlink on the score of an assignment it means that you are able to review the complete outcomes of your test (question-answer by a question). You can also view your scores on this MY SDSU Page (the first page you will see after logging into your account). In the upper left-hand corner of the web page, you will find an icon called the Tool Box with a variety of hyperlinks. One of them can be found in My Grades.

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