JoinPD Guide – How to Use Peardeck Login Complete Process?

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What is Joinpd? code

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JoinPD can be a tool where you can connect to a live presentation by using Your code. JoinPD runs on Pear Deck which allows students and teachers to participate in online classes.

The teacher must prepare a presentation by logging into his/her JoinPD account. Once you have created the presentation, email this peardeck code to all students or anyone who wants to sign up at their respective places.

PearDeck is a dynamic presentation tool that can be used to involve students in their social and personal learning. Teachers can create presentations with Google Drive.

PearDeck is designed to assist students to build a positive attitude towards academics by encouraging a sense of community. Also, See CSUF Portal for Students.

What Do you Know About Peardeck?

Peardeck is a social website that allows its user to interact with their friends around the world. Users can create profiles, post statuses, upload photos, and more all within the site. Peardeck uses an automated system known as JoinPD which will connect users who are on different sides of the world.

When two or more people on opposite sides of the world request each other it creates “pairings”, this will allow users to communicate with one another on data of them being so far away from each other geographically.

How to Create a PearDeck Account

JoinPD Pear deck

The process of creating an account on Pear Deck is easy, and I’ve shown you in this article how you can sign up on Pear Deck to become a brand new user.

The first step to Join in engaging your students in an interactive presentation in Progress is to set up the brand new data. Gcu Student Portal Guide

To start a start, visit the site, Google Slides, or PowerPoint Online and login using your Google account or Microsoft Office data you wish to access.

  1. Visit and click on the option for teacher login.
  2. Choose the kind of data you wish to sign into.
  3. You’ll be required to give the Pear Deck account on Your Google Drive or OneDrive. You will then be asked to you will be asked a few configuration questions. We do not collect information from students’ selectors.
  4. Connect by clicking Authorize. Pear Deck and Your Google Drive or OneDrive. You will be asked to sign in using your email address and password, and you will be asked to authorize the permissions.
  5. You must include your postal code as well as your school. You do not have a US postal code if you do not live in the United States. or your college does not show up in the drop-down list it’s okay! You can simply type any 5 number instead of your school’s address or postcode.
  6. You can open the latest version of Google Slides (if you used data with a Google account) or PowerPoint online presentation in Progress (if you have a Microsoft Office 365 account) and install Pear Deck. The add-on or add-on. Follow the instructions below to find out what to do in order to join a pear deck!

How to Join a Presentation?

Peardeck code

  • If a teacher makes a presentation and then imports it into joinpd com the delegate is provided with access the teacher can send to the participants in order to address questions.
  • Then on the other side, teachers have the ability to restrict and regulate the activities of students to Join a Presentation.
  • One of the most notable features in joinpd com that teachers appreciate is the capability to stop participants from editing and altering answers submitted to keep track of the progress of everyone who participates.

How to Get Peardeck Join Code?

Take the following steps to be a part of an ongoing session at Peardeck/JOIN. You’ll need Your Password and password to do this in order to create a presentation.

  • Start your browser and navigate there:
  • Enter the Joinpd the presentation number ” 5 Digit Code” from your session.
  • It is important to note that the data expires in 4 days. You can also make an email link that joins the presentation right after your students click the link to Join a Presentation.

Join Peardeck Class Login

It is easy to discover more information about Join Code for the PearDeck when you click on the appropriate link below. If you’d like to sign into Joinpd.Com to get a Join Code there’s an easy way to accomplish this to Join a Presentation.

The joinpd com extension that is available for Google Account is easy to access Google Slides. This article will guide you through the steps to download and install the JoinPD add-ons for Google Slides to create a presentation.

How to Join Peardeck Teacher and Student:

  • Visit the official site of JoinPD. For this, you can go by clicking on
  • After that, the login page will appear before you. You will be asked to input your password and username.
  • Login with your password or email ID then click the Submit button. The login screen appears on your dashboard for your account.

Attend Your Peardeck Join Class

If you select an instructor-led course the view of the projector opens and join instructions automatically project:

  • The first step is to go to
  • You can enter the 5 characters Pear Deck Code and joinpd com in your session on
  • Alternately, you can share or email the link which you get when clicking Give Students the Link (see Step 1 above) and your students click in order to sign up for your class. You can also click.
  • The membership codes expire after one week, however, the link to the session is always in place. If you wish to allow students to take part in sessions that go on for more than a week, click your link in order to sign up for them.
  • You can log in anonymously using an avatar that you have chosen or a Google or Microsoft Office 365 account email and password. It’s dependent on your login preferences.
  • If you select an activity for students and have access to premium The Dashboard view is available.
  • Click the join button in the upper right-hand area of the display. You will be given instructions on how to join anytime.
  • Speed activity of students, Dashboard join code using an arrow in red

How to Present a Pear Deck?

When you render using the Pear Deck session, instructions for joining are displayed on the view of the projector instantly. In order to join in the present, the students need to comply with these instructions:

  1. Visit
  2. Select the suitable account
  3. Feed the unique 5-letter code shown on the projector.

How To Install Pear Deck Guide

Google Workspace App

In the Pear Deck session to Google Slides, students can include the benefits of interactivity questions on Google Slides.

Imagine being able to engage each student in your class daily. What if you were able to immediately determine who is confused and who is looking forward to more? This is the potential to Pear Deck. Pear Deck.

Get Started Here

By using Pear Deck, the Pear Deck to Google Slides add-on, you can incorporate the wonder of Pear Deck’s unique assessments and interactive questions into your slideshows.

How to Get Peardeck Class Join Code?

Students can watch the presentation by going to and following the instructions there. Enter the five-digit code that you retrieved from your session at

How Can I Get a Free Pear Deck?

To ensure that all teachers use Pear Deck as a part of their teaching toolkit, we’ve granted access to the top features of Pear Deck. Begin exploring Peer Deck Premium today for free.

Is Pear Deck Free for Teachers?

The Pear Deck service is a complimentary service that teachers and schools have access to a range of tools and resources at no cost or opt to sign up to the premium account.

How to Get Pear Deck Premium Code?

1) Go to

2) Fill in your Edmodo details and click on ‘Sign In’.

3) When you see the following pop up message, click on ‘Get a Free Pear Deck Presentation Code’.

4) Allocate a code for your students and monitor their progress in Pear Deck.

How Can I Reset My Password and Username?

1) Check Out the Suitable Link.

2) Fill in your username and click on ‘Send Password Reset Email Powered By pear deck’.

3) You will receive an email with a link that you need to follow, and reset your password.

How can I get Peardeck Joinpd Code?

Peardeck is a web-based platform that allows you to set up an account for your site, blog, wiki or other platforms.

You need Peardeck joinpd code in order to create your account on Peardeck website. You can find this code below each social media login buttons on the Peardeck login page .

How Do I Log Out Of Pear Deck Joinpd?

1) You can log out of your account by pressing the logout button that is available at the bottom right-hand side.

How Do I Change My Joinpd Username?

1) Due to security measures, you are unable to change your username yourself. However, our Support team will be happy to assist you joinpd code.

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