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D2L’s Brightspace by D2L is used to power the learning management system (LMS) at 2022 Georgia State University, which is known as Infor. The interface is easy to navigate, allowing you to quickly search your courses. You log in using your Campus ID user name and password.

What is GSU ICollege?

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GSU iCollege is a learning management system (LMS) used by Georgia State University students, faculty, and staff. It is powered by D2L’s Brightspace by D2L software. The interface is easy to navigate, allowing you to quickly search your courses. You can login using your Campus ID user name and password.

The LMS provides access to online courses, grades, course materials, announcements, discussion boards, and more. It can be used to supplement face-to-face instruction or as a complete online learning experience. Also See, Ecampus Wvu

GSU Icollege Login

To login to GSU iCollege, you need to enter your Panther ID and password at icollege.gsu.ed. Your Panther ID is your official GSU identification number, and your password is the one you created when you activated your account. Once you’ve login Icollege Georgia State, you can access your courses and other resources.

If you’re a new student, you’ll need to activate your account before you can login. To activate your account, go to the GSU iCollege website and click on “Activate Account.” You’ll need to provide your Panther ID and password, as well as some other information. Once your account is activated, you can login and begin using iCollege GSU Login. Obtain detail about Drexel University Learn

Some of the features offered by Georgia State University’s learning management system:

  • Online courses
  • Live classes
  • 24/7 access
  • Interactive learning
  • Multimedia content
  • Collaborative tools
  • Mobile apps
  • eBooks and audiobooks
  • Online tutoring
  • Research tools
  • Academic support

GSU College Support

gsu icollege Login

The GSU iCollege LMS provides support for faculty, staff, and students. You can find help documentation and contact information on the GSU iCollege website. The support team is available to answer your questions and help you get started using the system. You can also visit the login blog for announcements and updates. We hope you find the iCollege Georgia state LMS helpful in achieving your academic goals. Thank you for choosing Georgia State University’s learning management system. Uf Email Data

How to access your courses in iCollege

The first page you see when you visit a course is your Course Home. It has similar items to My Home, as well as personalized tools and widgets for displaying course-specific information and content.

  1. On the Georgia state university ics home screen, click the menu symbol to see your courses list.
  2. Select your course from the drop-down menu.
  3. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of your My Home page and click View All Courses to see all of your courses.
  4. Locate your course by either searching for it in the search bar or looking through all of the courses below it.
  5. To return to My Home, click the ” iCollege Georgia state X” in the upper right corner.

How to create your Georgia State University personal profile

Although it is not required, filling out your profile can be a good method for learning more about other people. If you don’t want to disclose certain information about yourself, simply leave the profile or a particular area blank.

Please be aware that your GSU ICollege profile information may be viewable by other students in your classes. Your profile picture might also appear next to your name in class lists.

Follow these steps to establish your iCollege GSU account Powered by Brightspace.

  1. On the profile screen, click the Profile icon in the upper right corner.
  2. Click Profile.
  3. Fill out the required text boxes with your data.
  4. Select a photo to add to your profile by clicking Change Picture.
  5. Then select Add and upload your image before saving or closing it.
  6. When you’re done, either Save or Save And Close should be selected.

How to change your account settings

  1. On the profile page, click the Profile icon in the upper right corner.
  2. Click Account Settings on the menu.
  3. Use the tabs across the top of the screen to login and manage different account settings.
  4. Click Save or Save and Close after you have finished viewing and changing your settings.

What is iCollege email?

The PantherMail email tool is used for instructor-led communications, as well as class-related messages. It is not connected to your GSU student. This email software enables you to send emails from the Learning Environment. You may also use folders and the Address Book to manage received mail.

How to use icollege email

Click the Envelope icon on your GSU iCollege homepage. Select Email from the drop-down menu. Click Compose in the top tool bar. Locate an email address from your Address Book by entering a subject into the Message dialog box or selecting the Address Book icon at the top of the page. Enter a subject for your email. Fill in whatever you want to say here. Send it and check by visiting the welcome to icollege website.

How to Use course notifications in icollege gsu

Using the Notifications tool, you may stay up to speed on your iCollege courses by receiving immediate alerts about course activities (such as dropbox submissions, discussion messages, and news updates), as well as changing the email and SMS notification settings for your courses.

What is Icollege Webex?

ICollege WebEx is a web conferencing software that allows users to join meetings, share desktops, and collaborate online. It is available to all students, faculty, and staff. To join a meeting, open a WebEx session and enter the meeting ID. The meeting ID is typically a 9-digit number which is available at the welcome to icollege website.

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