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The FCPS Blackboard Login is a one-stop-shop for education and learning. It’s not perfect, but it works in some cases. The basic functionality of the system is available with just an internet connection to obtain login credentials and perform online tasks such as signing up for courses or submitting homework assignments.

FCPS Blackboard

FCPS1 Blackboard

Every little detail about What is FCPS Blackboard Learn, including how to sign in to the FCPS Blackboard Portal step-by-step tutorial and information, can be found here. It’s also known as FCPS 24-7 Learning.

You’ve arrived now, for whatever reason. If it’s about the Blackboard FCPS portal or FCPS 24-7 Learning, I recommend you read this post right now. You may learn quickly, complete your assignments, exchange ideas with others in the class and at home, see your grades, and then the Blackboard FCPS portal is the ideal location.

Students may use Blackboard Learn or Blackboard Portal to learn in a different way. The program may be downloaded from any school’s or university’s portal. It allows for the formation of links between students and faculty. I can also help you learn faster and make your studies easier. For more information on Blackboard Learn, see this What is Blackboard?

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FCPS Blackboard | FCPS 24-7 Learning

The FCPS Blackboard is the school’s application or, in other words, the Fairfax County Public Schools portal that makes it easier for students and staff to learn and teach. In order to provide an easy and quick alternative for learning, Fairfax County Public Schools has teamed up with Blackboard Learn.

Blackboard FCPS allows users (both students and instructors) to upload or add study materials, homework, projects, and other classroom-related material to the internet. It also enables both faculties and students to interact with one another and exchange their work, assignments, grades, etc. on a global scale.

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Fcps1 Blackboard

Students can use social media and chat applications to keep in touch with friends, finish and share their work, and learn together. It also includes virtual classrooms that allow students to participate in lectures while minimizing face-to-face meetings. Students may do everything they can think of studying on the internet portal via FCPS Blackboard Learn.

FCPS Blackboard Login | FCPS 24*7 Learning Login

The user must first log into their account in order to use it. To access your Blackboard Learn Account, you’ll need the FCPS Blackboard Username and Password.

The FCPS offers instructors and students usernames and passwords. You must access your school’s portal, which is at www.fcps.blackboard.com. The portal that allows users to access their accounts is www.fcps.blackboard.com.

At fcps.blackboard.com, a user may see the page shown below. To access your account, a user must follow the instructions below.

About Fairfax County Public Schools

Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) is a public school district in Fairfax County, Virginia. It is the largest school system in Virginia and the 10th largest in the United States. The school district serves more than 188,000 students in grades pre-kindergarten through 12. FCPS has more than 12,000 teachers and staff members and operates 193 schools, including 91 elementary schools, 36 middle schools, 27 high schools and 10 special-purpose/preschools.

As of the 2010–11 school year, FCPS served 191,917 students with 13,039 teachers and 9,691 other employees. According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey (ACS) estimates released in August 2012 for all 2011–12 school year, the average daily number of those attending a Fairfax County Public Schools K–12 school as regular attendees was 154,719 – more than half of whom attended one of the county’s 34 public charter schools or 61 private schools– while the average daily participation in the Fairfax County Public Schools was 154,719.

FCPS Blackboard Login

FCPS Blackboard Login

  • Users will be assigned a username and password by the university.
  • Every user must go to blackboard learning.com to access the site www.fcps.edu.
  • You must supply your username and password in order to access FCPS1 blackboard learning. To log in, choose “Login” from the drop-down menu below.
  • The course you selected will appear on the screen as soon as you FCPS Blackboard login in.

FCPS Blackboard Sign in

Visit the FCPS Blackboard portal at fcps.blackboard.com to access your account. A new tab will open as shown in the figure above. Enter the username and password for Blackboard FCPS USERNAME, then press ENTER or select one of the available choices to Fairfax County Public School Blackboard login. You will be able to access your online account.

You can access your account as soon as you provide the correct information. If you’re using a BB at a public network, make sure to log out and clear your history.

The following is the FCPS Blackboard contact information. nAddress: Gatehouse Administration Center, 8115 Gatehouse Road, Falls Church, VA 22042. FCPS Blackboard Official Site– fcps.blackboard.com.

FCPS Blackboard Parent Login

If you are a parent of a student attending Fairfax County Public Schools, you may be interested in logging into the FCPS1 Blackboard system. This system allows parents to view their child’s academic information, including grades and assignment submissions. To login to the FCPS Blackboard system, you will need to visit the following website and click on the “Fairfax County Public School Blackboard Login” button:


Always utilize the Mozilla Firefox browser to access your FCPS Blackboard account, and if you’re using a public network, never forget to log out of your account and clear your history. I hope that by consulting this site, you will be able to login into your FCPS Blackboard Login account or access it at some point in the future.

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