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The California State University, Fullerton student portal is the CSUF Portal. Users may log in to TITANium (Moodle) and Canvas through My Courses, as well as other important academic tools, using the portal. The Csuf portal is a digital funnel for California State University, Fullerton students.

About CSUF Portal

cal state fullerton portal

The CSUF portal provides access to a variety of resources, including online tools and applications, course information, and campus news and events. It is the central site for managing student life, including academics, financial matters, student organizations and activities, career development services, health services. DCCCD Blackboard Guide

The CSUF Portal is a system that gives you access to student resources with one account. The most important feature of the CSUF portal is 24/7 online access to your grades, financial aid status, and student e-mail.

Other benefits are:

  • Access to MyCSUF or Student Portal
  • Create an individual Cal State Online ID & Password for use on any CSU campus system or application.
  • Building Personal Relationships with Campus Resources
  • View a list of resources, services, and individuals located on the Fullerton campus including the faculty/staff directory.

How do I log in to the csuf portal

csuf student portal

To login as a CSUF student,

  1. Get your browser and go to access the CSUF homepage.
  2. Choose Student Portal at the top left.
  3. Click my.fullerton.edu
  4. Use your CSUF Portal Login and username.
  5. Click “CSUF Portal Login”.

It is your username that is the initial element of your email from CSUF. Example: tuffy@csu.fullerton.edu.

When you first log into the portal you will be taken on a tour of the site that takes you through the portal’s student features.

Contact studentithelpdesk@fullerton.edu or call 657-278-8888 if your account has been deactivated. A Zoom video conference will be used to authenticate the user’s identity. You must bring a current photo ID with you.

How do you create your college account?

If you’re a first-time prospective or a student will need to sign up first for a college account first before you access the CSUF portal.

  1. Select Create My Campus Account under the section for first-time students and applicants.
  2. Enter your PIN and CWID. After that, click Sign In.
  3. After you’ve entered your last name, month and day of birth, and home zip code into the form below, click Continue to confirm your identification.
  4. Create an account for your campus student account as well as an email address.
  5. Create a password for your account.
  6. Choose three security concerns from the menu options, and write your answers for each of them.
  7. Enter your cell phone number in order to get campus emergency alerts through text messages.
  8. Check the details you’ve entered before clicking Submit.
  9. You will be presented with an account confirmation page. Your account will be set up after 10 mins. Go to on the CSUF Portal to access your portal.

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Cal State Fullerton Student Portal

csuf portal login

If you are unable to obtain a CWID or PIN you can visit the CSUF Office of Admissions to obtain this information.

You’ll need to wait 2 business days from the day the CWID was issued and your pin prior to you can open your account on campus.

Your college account will be used to log in to;

  • Cal state fullerton portal
  • campus computer labs
  • Campus WiFi networks
  • Email account and other resources for students

How do you change your CSUF portal password

If you’ve set up security questions You can reset your password by using the Employee Cal state fullerton portal website Forgot Password web application.

Enter your username for the campus along with your Campus-Wide identification. Follow the steps to obtain a temporary password. This is sent out to your email address off-campus you entered.

For changing your Cal State Fullerton student portal password

  1. Verify your internet browser and navigate to the Change the password of a CSUF employee using the web-based application.
  2. Enter your username and password. After that, click Sign in.
  3. Enter your current password. After that, enter your new password, and confirm that you have entered it correctly by entering it again.
  4. Click Change Password.
  5. It will be a message of confirmation to confirm that the password was changed successfully.
  6. Restart your campus computer, and login to your computer using your new password for the student portal.
  7. Make sure to update your mobile devices and laptops using your new password.
  8. Make sure you are up to date with the security concerns you have.

Access via the Microsoft Outlook login page

  1. Look a browser on the internet to the Microsoft Outlook Login page.
  2. Enter your campus email address, e.g. yourusername@csu.fullerton.edu Then click Next.
  3. Input Your CSUF Portal username and password. Click Sign In.
  4. Based on your personal preferences You can choose to select either Yes or No from your Microsoft login screen.
  5. You’re done.

How do you configure Csuf email on iphone

  1. On the iPad home screen Tap Settings for the Settings app. Click on Calendars, Mail, Contacts, and Calendars Then tap the Add Account button… in order to connect your Fullerton email account.
  2. Click the button on Microsoft Exchange to begin the setup of the student portal.
  3. Click the “Add a new domain” button and follow the on-screen instructions. To add an Exchange, use your email address (including exchange.fullerton.edu), username, password, and description. Select the Domain option in the drop-down menu below Next.
  4. A second field will be as Server. Enter campusmail.fullerton.edu as the server. Then tap Next.
  5. Switch on the desired switches to be used for Mail Contacts, Mail, and Calendars. You can also alter to change the Mail Days to Sync to your preferred time.
  6. Click Done and your email have been in place. If you need assistance, call our Help Desk at 657-278-7777.

California State University Fullerton Introduction

In 1957 California State was designated a University in Orange County as a State University with a campus at Fullerton. It has 23 campuses across CSU and is the most extensive among all the schools and the total number of enrollments has reached over 44,000. It offers Bachelors’s, Masters and Doctorate degree courses with specialties in various disciplines. It currently consists of 56 Bachelors’s Degrees, 53 Graduates Degrees, and three Doctorates. It primarily provides lessons for Hispanics. It is popular as well as the world’s biggest elephant race.

It is the California State University, Fullerton offers every student access to an Office 365 Outlook email account (CSUF Email) and access to a variety of tools, Titan Apps, provided by Google (G-Suite including Google Docs, Google Drive). You have access to your email account and your Titan Apps by logging into Your CSUF Portal Account.


Where is the address of my Csuf Email address?

Your username associated with your CSUF Portal Login account is your CSUF email address (username@csu.fullerton.edu).

How do I sign in to the account of my Csuf email?

Enter the email address of your student (i.e. tuffy@csu.fullerton.edu). Then, you will be directed to Titan Apps. Titan Apps page. CSUF Portal Login the email account username and password should be the same as your email login details. The username is the first part of your email address, preceded by @csu.fullerton.edu.

How can I log into my Google account on the CSUF campus portal?

Log in to the portal for the campus. Enter Titan Apps into the search box for portal apps to the left of the portal homepage. Select Titan Apps. Then, you can select the Google App you want to make use of.

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